Alright, so we got our team together, we’re a happy trio of artsiness, I guess, and what do we DO with that? Where do we go? I mean, you can write and draw something and put it on the internet, but that doesn’t mean the target audience is gonna see it. So how do you get your message out there? I don’t know. I mean that, I LITERALLY don’t know. I just know how WE did things off the bat, and we didn’t do them well enough, but we were trying. See, Danny and I are the ones running the show, but Josh, he’s our Captain America. We’re SHIELD, and we run the show. Josh, he does what we need to make sure things look right for all you gorgeous people. I’m using this analogy because A: Danny LOVES Captain America. I mean, he LOVES that character. Who wouldn’t? Well written character, he kicks ass, AND…AMERICA. But also B: Josh is working his ass off for this comic, and I think that EVERYONE needs to take some time apart to just thank him for his crazy good skill, and also how he talked Bucky into not killing him. Or was that the movie and I’m just…Nevermind. Josh is awesome, Danny is awesome, HELL, Ricky and Wendi are AWESOME. Me? I’m pretty good, but I’m losing the point here…DAMMIT.

Anywho, we needed a target audience. Now, we could have gone the normal route and done surveys, taken polls, things like that. FUCK THAT WIMPY SHIT. No, we decided after a while to just start publishing our own books. Do you hear that? I mean, do you understand what that means? We put our money into making a bunch of our our books, we never even LOOKED at joining another publishing company or comic publisher, and did it OURSELVES. Now…that takes 2 things…LITTLE brains and LOTS of balls. The main reason I was against us ever joining any publishing company, ESPECIALLY a comic publisher was because I was afraid. I wasn’t afraid of joining the BIG BOYS. No, we’ll get there, no matter what. I was afraid that if we did, we would lose control of what Danny, Josh, and I have worked so hard to make over these past few years. Look at it like this…If YOU, and I mean YOU, the one reading this right now, had an idea, and made it into something real…you would protect that like it was a child, wouldn’t you? Big corporations, they may have a good heart, but they will undoubtedly turn something different if it doesn’t make them money. Now, don’t get me wrong, I WANT to make money from this comic. So does Danny and Josh. We’re not stupid. But we want this to be OUR comic, WE run the show. Ya dig?

Anywho, we printed a shit load of comics, our first issue, and ya know what…They look GOOD. I mean, this is Danny, Josh, and I from a couple years ago, but it looks GOOD. I know that I’m biased so you can’t take my word for it, but I’ve read a comic or two over the years and I can see how well we were back then, and how BADASS we are now, and it only took us a little time. What’s YOUR excuse, Marvel? DC, YOU got anything to say? No, I thought not.  Naw, I’m just pushing their buttons. Kidding around.

Anywho…I want to hear from YOU all. ANY and ALL of you that like us, West Coast Comics, anyone that likes Power Rangers in Space, ANYONE that likes real shit being said by REAL people…We would love to hear something from ya. I would go on but there’s

More to come…