So now the we had found our artist, we went from a daring duo to a triumphant trio. Yes, I’m starting right off with the alliteration, did you miss the title? I’m gonna be doing that shit like crazy for this one. Since Danny and I knew from the get go we were gonna lead off with LA Crazy Town and not one of our other projects we have in mind (yes, we have like 5 or so other comics that we’ve been jotting down from time to time), we started getting Josh the script for the pages. In LA Crazy Town we have 6 main heroes that we’ve both spent a ton of time on, 3 for me, 3 for Danny. I’m directly responsible for the following: The wild, wooly, wondrous Wendigo, mean and merciless Mishibijiw, and cool, calm, collected Kace. Danny’s half of the group would be: the crazed contract killer Calavera, the galant gunner Gato, and the spectacularly centered cyborg Sun Riser. I’m going to stop the alliterations for a bit. Aneurysm.
Anywho, our initial idea for the comic was not to make it an actual book. We felt that we would need at least a little following before jumping into that arena, so we decided that we would go the e-comic route first, just to get our feet wet. The idea to go the whole “Sin City black and white w/ colors popping up here and there” didn’t come from us wanting to be all artsy and shit. We went with that because time-wise it was cost effective. That way we wouldn’t have to color in every panel, just certain parts that we felt were either important to the story, or important to us as writers. We hit a few hurdles in the beginning of the book, mostly schedules and what not. But for the most part we were doing pretty alright. We were getting a new page out every week and while the following we had was small in number, we were getting nothing but positive responses from everyone that read it. Our idea from the get go was to show this group of characters in their day-to-day lives, not just the action/adventure part of it. That’s something that I, as a writer, feel that a good number of comics tend to skip over too much. Sure there’ll be an issue here or there showing The X-Men on their day off, but like 90% of their books are full of action and fighting. Now I’m not picking them out because I don’t like The X-Men, in fact their comics are my favoritest comics ever. I’ve ALWAYS been a huge fan of the mutants. Hell, my #1 favorite comic book Hero/Villain IS an X-Man: the Brilliant and Bounding Beast. Had to throw in another one, in honor of Stan. But my point is that sometimes I wanted to just see how they get on in life at their school, just doing “normal” shit.

That’s kind of what we’re going for in our book. Of course we want there to be action and adventure, horror and comedy, but we also want to show what these guys are like when they aren’t ripping and biting people in half. Anyone can write about a character jumping out a window a la Bruce Willis style, taking on 2 dozen terrorists all the while with glass shards in his feet, but what about when he got home? Did he go to the hospital after all that bullshit happened? I would have. Fuck that. Glass in my FEET? NO NO NO ALL THE NO. We just want people to see that these guys we came up with are more than just guns and claws. They have personality. Unfortunately that makes writing all the more difficult, because now we got 6 different personalities to display when they’re chillin. But ya know what? We can handle it.

Anywho, I’ll keep going with the story if you guys are interested. I just wanted to take a minute to tell about *our* way of writing, and why we’re doing it the way we are. Don’t worry, I’ll try not to get sidetracked again in the future. But I probably will. Definitely. So to all you comic-collecting cuties, and all you headstrong heavy-handed heroes (alliteration is FUCKING hard >:P ), I’ll just say there’s

More to come…