Not sure why I titled this blog that, it just kinda popped into my head, and I liked it. Plus, I listen to the blues all the time, so it works for me. So here I am, trying to think of something to say, and it dawns on me that I haven’t explained where the idea of my characters came from. That’s a pretty impressive oversight on my part. Well done, ME. Well, let’s get started. In our comic we’re focusing on 6 main “heroes”, but there’s tons of side characters and what not. And of course we’ve got LOTS and LOTS of other heroes that we want to throw into the mix eventually. We will, gentle readers. Give us time. But for this little blog, I’m just gonna focus on the main 6 guys, and we’ll stick a pin in it for the others. Savy? Good.

The six main heroes are: The Wendigo, Kace, Mishibijiw, Gato, Calavera, and Sun-Riser. now, Danny and I each came up with and developed 3 of them. Danny’s responsible for Gato, Calavera, and Sun-Riser. If he wants to blog about them, he’s more than welcome to. I’m just gonna focus on my guys, and that leaves the other 3 that I mentioned. So where did I get the inspiration for each of these guys? Glad you asked.

The Wendigo. So, the BIG guy. Well, here’s the deal. I’m a good chunk Indian. No, I don’t mean like Indian from India, I mean Indian from America. By the by, just so ya know…Indians refer to themselves and other Indians as INDIANS. Not Native Americans. That phrase is fucking retarded. It makes no sense because it applies to anyone born from Alaska to the southern tips of Chile and Argentina. It’s dumb. Wow…that was a little rant right there. Anywho…

The Wendigo. There aren’t a lot of Indian heroes out there, comic book-wise. So I decided WAYYYYYYYYYY back when to write a story about an Indian who becomes The Wendigo. He goes through ridiculous hardship, pain, and suffering, and then is transformed by the Earth into a big scary mother fucker. Well, I wrote that story MANY years ago. Then I decided…FUCK IT. MAKE HIM THE HERO. So that’s what I did. When Danny and I first started talking about making a comic, I told him I have our “Hulk” character…that is to say, the strongest guy there is in our universe. That would be The Wendigo. He’s my own version of what Stan Lee did. He is my anger, my strength, my power, my compassion…ALL of it, all rolled into one guy. In short, The Wendigo is ME and I AM The Wendigo.

Mishibijiw. Well, this one is a little tougher, but only just so. Mishi is The Wendigo’s son. He was made an Earth Demon through the Wendigo’s blood, and therefore…SON. He is the animalistic side I have. It’s hardly a secret that I’m a cat person, so it also shouldn’t be a surprise that Mishi was born a cougar. A mountain lion. Whatever you want to call them, he was born an actual, mortal cougar. I’ve had a pair of cats by my side for the longest time…my little ones. Tora and Shizuka. Tora is 1 month older than Shizuka. I got them from the Castaic Lake Shelter when I was on the show. Meaning they are both over 16 years old. Mishi comes from both of them, if nothing else. They are MY kids, and Mishi is The Wendigo’s kid.

Kace.  Kace is me, but only in that he’s made up of certain traits of my personality. See, Kace does things the way I would do things. He thinks it out first, then reacts. He also uses weapons that I would use. First off, in close combat he uses 2 one-handed swords. That’s smart. They weigh less, can be moved around quickly, and can do incredible damage if you know what you’re doing. Secondly, he uses his rifle. Now, I LOVE sniping shit. LIVE for it. So I put that into his character. He took up sniping hundreds of years ago, and therefore is nearly unmatched in his skill. I also named his rifle. She’s an augmented piece of work. Right now, 50 CAL rifles, Barretts, are about the strongest girls around. His is 100 CAL, with dual-drum clips. He calls her WAR ENDER. Because that’s what she does.

So those are my guys. They are all facets of ME, and that’s how I started this shit. Not really sure where else to go here. Hmmm…Here’s a joke:

Why didn’t Jesus play hockey?

Because Soccer and Baseball are much more popular in Mexico.