This request was made by a close friend, Sonya. She’s a hot little number who wear Power Ranger outfits and occasionally comic book shirts. Anywho, she asked me to talk a little about a show, so here’s what’s on the chopping block today…

Arrow. Danny and I sat down together and watched the first episode of the series on Netflix. Danny has a far more lenient stand on DC Comics and their characters than I do: He thinks they’re okay, I can’t stand them. ANY of them. However, I was willing to give it a shot because Sonya wanted to see what I thought about it. So here goes. This show wasn’t bad at all. I’ll admit I was expecting to hate it right off the bat, but no, aside from some cliched and ridiculous scenes/shots, it didn’t come across as a weak show at all. I’ll be honest here, since I don’t read DC comic stuff, I don’t know that much at all about The Green Arrow, that is to say, the character. I was under the impression that he didn’t have any super powers, just amazing accuracy with a bow. I don’t know.

Is his mother the bad guy? Why? It’s obvious at the end of the first episode she’s hiding something from him, and she hired some guys to kidnap him. Those guys she hired killed a random guy trying to get him. Evil? Yeah, pretty evil.

Is everyone in this city related to him in some way? I know that sounds weird, but Danny and I were asking this after the show. During the shipwreck, his girlfriend dies, but she’s not his girlfriend, she’s his girlfriend’s sister. Later in the show, we learn that the sister’s father is a police detective who thinks he’s a piece of shit, and so on and so on.

The only thing I think that was a big problem for my was his costume. Danny feels that it’s okay that he doesn’t have a traditional mask on, but I kinda think that anyone within a low level light could make out his face. I just think he could do better to cover his face.

Anywho, the show was pretty alright. We weren’t really let down by it at all. I’m still not a DC fan, and I don’t think this should would change that. Oh, 1 last thing: Green Arrow kills people. That’s pretty good in my book. At least he’s not acting like that pussy Batman. 😛