Wow…I was asked by Heidi to say a few words about The Walking Dead. Somebody actually asked for my opinion! Fear not, Heidi, I’ll give you my impression of it, with gusto 😀

So, I’ll be honest right off the bat here…I haven’t seen that much of The Walking Dead. I spent one afternoon watching a marathon of it on tv, but that was already in like the 3rd or 4th season, so I haven’t seen it from the start. See, I’ve never been a fan of zombies. The slow, Romero-style zombies never seemed like that much of a threat to me. I’ve never found them to be particularly terrifying when you can just power walk away from them without getting bitten. Still, I’ll give you gentle snowflakes my feelings on what I saw. First off: great production value on the series. The makeup looks pretty damn good for a tv show. I know that at this point though the show has spawned a comic book, toys, board games, cooking utensils…uhh…hats? I dunno, probably all sorts of shit. Still, great visuals for such a humble beginning. That being said…I’m a little confused about the way they actually manage the show and its premise. See, as I said, I only started watching it from like season 3 or 4, so I’m not really up to speed on how things started out in the beginning. I’m pretty sure though that they musta changed their format at some point, because from where I started on it, they were killing at least 1 main character per episode. Never seen that approach before.

How do you get invested in a character when they’re just gonna die 2 or 3 episodes from now? I don’t really think you can. I’ll give it that it’s a unique way of doing things. However, unique doesn’t always mean “good”. Still, kudos for throwing me for a loop, AMC. You’re a crafty one. On the other hand, one thing that I really do like and honestly do think is pretty brilliant is the fact that in that world, zombies aren’t really the problem. By far the biggest threat to all the heroes on the show is other people. The Governor *shakes fists at the sky* Evil bastard. Or…is he? I’m not really sure. I watched him kill a ton of people, including one of his old friends, so I’m gonna put him in the “Evil” pile, but at the same time, he seems to be doing it because he believes he has no choice. So, is he doing what he’s doing because deep down he’s the good guy? My brain hurts a little right now.

So, is this show worth watching? Of course it is. Why would you ask that? The actors are great, the story is well written, the visuals are A-movie quality…What the hell else do you need? Oh yeah, and Laurie Holden is hot as hell. I think her character is dead now. Probably, most of the cast is dead. Still, she’s a hot little pistol. *Mrow*