A Million Ways to Die in the West. I’m really not a fan of Family Guy, which is what Seth MacFarlane is known for. I know, I know…I’m sure 90% of the population stills loves that shit. I never have. Not once did I ever really find the show funny. This movie on the other hand, it had some pretty funny shit in it. Also…some pretty strange cameos, but I’ll get to those later. One thing that stuck out to me right from the get-go was the dialogue. Everyone in the film speaks like we do normally today, but of course it’s supposed to be in around 1880 or such. At first that was annoying to me. After a while though, I stopped focusing on that, and what was really going on, and it didn’t bother me anymore. I’m not gonna spoil the movie for anyone who didn’t see it, so I won’t go over the plot.

There are a LOT of dick/fart/shit jokes in this movie. I mean, a lot. If you don’t have the stomach for that kind of humor, you won’t like this movie. There is a lot of blood and gore in this movie as well. Again, if you’re squeamish to that kind of thing, you should probably move on. Still, if you can handle all that, you might wanna get this movie. There’s a ton of funny shit here, and MacFarlane and Charlize Theron are loveable as hell. Then there’s Giovanni Ribisi and Sarah Silverman, MacFarlane’s best friends who are hopelessly in love. One slight spoiler: Her job isn’t what you’d want it to be if you were in a relationship with her. Amanda Seyfried stars as MacFarlane’s girlfriend who leaves him at the start of the film for another man. Guess who…it’s Neil Patrick Harris 😀 He plays a…well, he’s just a dickbag in the movie. Not an evil guy, just a real douche. I believe Theron even refers to him as that in the film. I laughed. Liam Neeson rounds out the cast as a  tough as nails, gun toting outlaw because he’s Liam Neeson. What did you expect?

Cameos time. There’s a handful of actors that just pop up in the movie, and if you don’t really look, you might miss a couple of them. Wes Studi shows up near the end, playing COCHISE no less…AWESOME. Jamie Fox is in there right at the credits, reprising his role as Django. Christopher Lloyd is on screen for about 20 seconds as Doc Brown, and Bill Maher does a little standup routine for the crowd at a town dance. Those are the obvious ones you’ll see and say “Hey, I know who that is”. There’s at least 2 others though. Ryan Reynolds gets shot by the bad guy (Neeson) and he never even gets to say a word. The last one I saw, I had to go back into the scene selection to make sure I read the credits right. In a scene where MacFarlane and Theron are at a fair, Theron bets Harris she can out shoot him. She does, wins a bet (a whole $1) and Harris makes a snide little joke, to which the whole crowd laughs. MacFarlane then asks a “random” guy in the crowd why it was funny. Random guy answers that he only laughed because the guy next to him did. Wait, who was random guy? Ewan-fucking-McGregor. WOW.

Check out the movie. I wouldn’t ever endorse watching Family Guy, but I’d say this one is worth seeing.