Hey there, just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all you gorgeous peoples out there and to let ya know we’re working on putting up more videos and blogs. Things tend to get a bit busy during this part of the year for most people, and we here at West Coast Comics are no different. Fear not, my beautiful snowflakes, we’ve got shit in the works as I’m writing this down. Also, I just wanted to throw this out there for all you in TV Land…Josh is working with a team to create their own animation studio. They got a lot of talent put into it, and seem to have it all structured pretty damn tight. When you can, check out their facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blind-Eye-Studio/703153066425730

I’ll probably pop back here in a little bit to give you guys a recipe for prairie dog burgers or something, just so you have something to make for tomorrow. Enjoy 😀